Director: Robert Radler               
Olivier Gruner, Randy Travis, Rebecca Staab

If you want to make very good movies,
Acting is a major factor.
But what do you say about a movie
When Randy Travis is the best actor?

The movie in question is T.N.T.
It concerns special ops fighters
Must have been thrilling to write -
That then would explain three writers!

Gruner, from Automatic, plays Alex
Here he's nowhere as good
His accent's as thick as a fireplace brick
And his acting is made out of wood!

Alex is part of the T.N.T
(Tactical Neutralization Team)
After a mission in Africa
Retirement and escape is his dream

But no one retires from T.N.T.
According to his boss Rousseau
Then after a botched-up mission
Alex decides to pack and go

Alex's commander is Miles
Rousseau then gives him orders
To find and destroy Alex
Somewhere hidden between two borders

A year goes by, and Miles searches
In a town in Colorado
Alex happens to be there
How Miles knew, I don't know

Alex works as a gym teacher
And has a loyal girlfriend
Sheriff Travis is suspicious of Alex
He'll find his friend's past in the end!

Miles sees the three in a bar
Guess what happens - right!
Bar drinking doesn't happen in B-films
But you will see a karate fight!

Miles calls his team in
The sheriff is wounded when shot
Alex's girlfriend is kidnapped
He must now put aside what he's not

Little money was spent on this movie
Stock footage is shown more than once
Photography is dark or unfocused
And no words rhyme with "once"

The writing of all three is poor
The characters are all a joke
Look at the members of T.N.T.
Most of them never spoke!

The video box said, "Unrated"
It wasn't that explicit to me
Some footage still seemed missing;
A little more, then next-to-TV!

Essentially it is a TV show
That could have been done in an hour
But stretched out for much longer
Padding gives you that power.

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