E-mail Guidelines


I have always welcomed (and still do!) getting e-mails that concern:

- Feedback (like trivia, or positive/negative comments) concerning any particular review or something else that's site-related
- Feedback from people involved one way or another with a movie I reviewed
- Filmmakers offering to send copies of their movies in return for reviews
- Freelance work offers
- Suggestions of movies I should review

...and other normal and reasonable stuff like that. (See the letters on the letters page for more examples.)

However, there are certain questions I will no longer answer. I will not answer questions that essentially ask me to do uncompensated research or uncompensated work. I no longer have the time to do uncompensated research or uncompensated work.

But if you do want to write in with something that fits the guidelines...

...please e-mail Greywizard at:
kei_bailey {at} yahoo DOT com!