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I love movies, and I watch different genres all the time (some genres more than others, I admit). For a long time, I've planned to construct my own web site,  to be about movies and what I thought about them.

There are hundreds of movie review web sites on the web. Some are good, and some are bad (the Teen Movie Critic I & II sites being the worst offenders, and I'll spare you agony by not putting up links to them). Generally, the authors of the sites review a variety of movies of different genres. Though this has the advantage of reaching a wide audience, after a while a lot of these sites start to look the same.

So I decided to specialize in one genre, and a genre few, if anyone else, covers: unknown movies. The movies that appear late night on independent TV station. The movies that fill up the schedule on movie networks when they run out of mainstream genre. The movies with strange box art at your local video store that no one seems to rent.

But why unknown movies? It's one of my favourite genres. You get the feeling that no one else has seen the movie, - like you are an archaeologist. You see subject matter that the major studios rarely, if ever, touch. And you come across a real gem now and then. Even if the movie I watch is a stinker, I'm usually glad I watched it anyway because you can learn a lot about making a movie this way - more specifically what not to do! I find it strange that people will go to film school and watch classic movies, because seeing "the right way to make a movie" spoils the originality of an aspiring director. Why not show him or her what not to do? Though I admit that it would be hard for a film school to freely advertise that they'll screen movies like Outtakes, Project: Shadowchaser , and Thieves of Fortune.

So read the reviews, and enjoy! And I welcome any comments. It makes no sense to maintain an unpopular site, so if you see anything you don't like, please feel free to mention it.

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