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SABATA - Spaghetti western ("Hey....Amigo! / Hey amigo....")

SANTO VS. DR DEATH - Hi-ho silver-masked wrestler! Some minor color problems at one point, but it somehow fits this kind of movie


SANTO & BLUE DEMON VS. DR. FRANKENSTEIN - As the title says...

SATAN'S MISTRESS - Early '80s horror movie with Natalie Wood's sister and John Carradine is also known as Dark Eyes, Demon Rage, Fury Of The Succubus, and Demon Seed

SATAN'S TRIANGLE - More made-for-TV spookiness!

SAVAGE HUNGER, A (a.k.a. THE OASIS) - That kid from Meatballs (Chris Makepeace) gets in a plane crash in the desert. He really should stay away from the wilderness.

SAVAGE SISTERS - Filipino WIP-movie, with Sid Haig and Cheri Caffaro

SAVAGE WEEKEND - This slasher movie is interesting in that it preceded the early '80s slasher wave by several years.

SCALPS - A more recent spaghetti western (made in 1987)

SCANNERS 2 - Factory copy, recorded at SP speed. Canadian video, reportedly uncut (haven't seen the American version)

SCAVENGERS, THE - A Civil War exploitation movie? What else do you expect from the man who gave us Love Camp 7, Hot Spur, and The Black Gestapo?

SCORCHY - See Connie Stevens kick butt and take off her clothes!

SEARCH AND DESTROY - Hot sizzling Canadian tax shelter action, with Perry King and George Kennedy

SEBASTIAN - Dirk Bogarde is a spy!

SEVEN - No, not that other Seven movie - this is one of Andy Sidaris' earliest efforts, when stuff like this could still be shown in theaters

SEVEN GOLDEN MEN - Italian caper movie, with the quest to steal several tons of gold!

SEVENTH CURSE, THE - Shows that anthropology isn't boring, that it is chock full of stuff like Alien-like creatures, Chow Yun-Fat, worms, massacres of children, and the cutting off of nipples in order to feed someone!

SHADOW OF CHIKARA - Also known as (inhale) The Ballad of Virgil Cane and The Curse of Demon Mountain and Wishbone Cutter and Thunder Mountain (gasp gasp)

SHADOW OF THE HAWK - Jan-Michael Vincent fights Indian spirits in this Canadian tax shelter movie that's not on video!

SHAME (a.k.a. I HATE YOUR GUTS & THE INTRUDER) - William Shatner actually acts for once. Excellent, serious Roger Corman movie

SHATTER - Before abusing drag queens with hot curling irons, Stuart Whitman abused various people in Hong Kong as a hitman! Believe it or not, Hammer Studios made this!

SHATTERED - Being married to Shelley Winters would drive anyone bonkers, so it's not a surprise it happens to Peter Finch in this rarity!

SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS - Herschell Gordon Lewis didn't just do gore movies - he did some family movies, and this sensitive look at an all-female biker gang!

SHIRI - One day the Koreans decided to make real movies, starting with this one - this actioner outgrossed Titanic!

SHOCKING DARK - An Italian rip-off of Aliens, taking place under a post-holocaust Venice. Hey, I don't write these things!

SHOOT - It's a barrel of laughs when Cliff Robertson, Ernest Borgnine, Henry Silva, and a bunch of other people use their rifles and shotguns to blast each other into bloody pieces while in the wilderness! Read the review!

SHOOT FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER - More spaghetti western mayhem!


SHOOTING, THE - EP factory copy

SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS - Classic Italian giallo!

SIR HENRY AT RAWLINSON END - British craziness starring Trevor Howard that was written and produced by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band member Vivian Stanshall!

SITTING TARGET - Oliver Reed paid the liquor bills as well with this escaping convicts tale

SIX-PACK ANNIE - Lindsay Bloom decides to become a hooker in order to help Momma's business in this drive-in classic. Not on video.

SKATEBOARD MADNESS - I have this rare movie, and you don't

SKIDOO - Ah, finally have it at last! Dancing garbage cans! Jackie Gleason taking L.S.D.! Harry Nilsson singing the closing credits! All this, and more!

SKY RIDERS - With the man, James Coburn!

SLAVE TRADE IN THE WORLD TODAY - Is this '60s movie really showing footage taken secretly, or is it an excuse to show mainly stock footage mixed with fake footage? You decide.

SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS, A - Timothy Bottoms swears revenge on corrupt sheriff Bo Hopkins!

SMASH-UP ON INTERSTATE 5 - I've always wanted to see Buddy Ebsen, Robert Conrad, Harriet Nelson, and other TV stars get into a massive car pile-up!

SMUGGLER, THE - Lucio Fulci took a break from horror here, but didn't leave his penchant for gore!

SOGGY BOTTOM, U.S.A. - Lots of well-known actors in this yahoo comedy - Dub Taylor, Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman, P.J. Soles, Anthony Zerbe, and Don Johnson!

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE - Bud Spencer had several solo vehicles, this being one of them! Rare in North America

SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME - John Carpenter wrote and directed this suspenseful TV movie right after making Halloween!

SONG OF THE SOUTH - Several generations of a copy taken off a Japanese laserdisc.

SON OF A GUNFIGHTER - Russ Tamblyn and Fernando Rey (The French Connection 1 and 2) star in this spaghetti western that's never been released on video!

SPASMS - It happens, you know - giant serpents whose bites cause people to swell up and have bloody wounds burst all over their bodies. With Peter Fonda and Oliver Reed

SPIKES GANG, THE - Lee Marvin teaches Ron Howard and Charles Martin Smith all about bank robbing in the wild west!

SQUARES - The life of a rodeo tramp, starring Andrew Prine.

STABILIZER, THE - Crazy Indonesian action!

STARCRASH - Italian Star Wars rip-off with Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff. Dubbed from factory copy

STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL, THE - Bet you didn't know Bea Arthur was part of the S.W. universe, and that John Williams' score had lyrics! (Multi-generation copy - but so is everyone else's copy, apparently.)

STONER - One time James Bond George Lazenby teams up with Angela Mao to stop a supervillain! And smoke pot? See for yourself. Also stars Sammo Hung!

STORY OF RICKY, THE - The Hong Kong movie that's become an underground classic!

STRANGER IN JAPAN - In the third Stranger movie, Tony Anthony teaches the Japanese the tricks of the wild west. Pre-credits teaser sequence mostly cut off, but print looks very nice!

STRANGER IN TOWN, A - Tony Anthony (was he every called Tony Tony?) pulls a Clint Eastwood in this spaghetti western

STRANGER RETURNS, THE - Tony Anthony strikes back!

STRANGERS AT SUNRISE - George Montgomery in Africa

STRANGE SHADOWS IN AN EMPTY ROOM - Canada got some help from the Italians to make this real movie, with cop Stuart Whitman blasting his way though an investigation!

STRIKE COMMANDO - Italian rip-off of Rambo: First Blood Part 2, quite unintentionally funny at times.

STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER - Those Italian gals are so considerate in giallo flicks

STUNTS - When stuntmen starting dropping dead, Robert Forster decides to investigate on his own!

SUDDEN DEATH - Robert Conrad and Felton Perry are kung-fu fighting in this Filipino flick!

SUMMER CAMP - Are you ready for more Meatballs? / Are you ready for a rip-off? / Directed by Chuck Vincent / With barely a cent! / Though there's a whole lot of fooling around!

SUMO VIXENS - The title says it all for this Japanese flick

SUPER HORRORAMA SHRIEK SHOW - Compilation of trailers from the '50s and '60s!

SUPERSONIC MAN - How to make an Italian superhero movie for $100 - and not very well, that goes without saying!

SUPER STOOGES VS. THE WONDER WOMEN - Roger Ebert called this one of the worst movies he'd ever seen... though he also hated I Spit On Your Grave, so you can't take his opinion too seriously

SURVIVE! - The original film treatment of rugby players who crash-land in the Andes!

SWEEPER, THE - A near-psychotic cop is recruited by a secret vigilante organization that kills criminal scum in the worst way! This near-psychotic cop is played by C. Thomas Howell - honest!

SWEET SUGAR - The classic women in prison movie with Phyllis Davis!

SWINGING BARMAIDS, THE - A daring look into the mind of a crazed killer who sets his sights on cocktail waitresses. Hey, it could  happen!


TASTE OF EVIL, A - Creepy made-for-TV movie with Barbara Stanwyck and Roddy McDowall!

TAXI HUNTER - When Anthony Wong's wife is run over by a taxi, he declares war on all the city's bad taxi drivers!

TELEPHONE BOOK, THE - A film adaptation of one of the best-selling books of all time! (Just kidding!)

TERMINATRIX - The Terminator was fine, though it was sorely lacking in nudity, soft-core sex, and female sex robots that can make men impotent with a squeeze. This Japanese take on the tale corrects all that!

TERMINUS - Sort of a French combination of Death Race 2000 and The Road Warrior

TEXAS ADIOS - Franco Nero stars in this spaghetti western

THEN CAME BRONSON - Pilot for the cult short lived TV series about a businessman who chucks it all away to ride through the countryside on a motorcycle so he can find himself. (I also have a couple of episodes of the subsequent series.)

THEY CALLED HIM BULLDOZER - Bud Spencer goes solo in this comedy that, among other things, shows that a submarine accidentally surfacing under a boat can be funny.

THEY CALL HER ONE EYE - So you think all Swedish movies are Bergmanesque bores? Well, see this brutal number, which could be called I Spit On Your Grave Swedish Style! Uncut version!

THIEF AND THE COBBLER, THE - This is the special workprint version - an assembly of completed footage, pencil tests, and sketches shows you more or less how Richard Williams' animated movie would have looked like if he wasn't subsequently fired. (The "official version" in video stores was heavily chopped up, and completed by a different crew that added moronic songs and bad linking animation.)

THIS IS NOT A TEST - On a stretch of isolated desert highway, reports of an oncoming nuclear attack trickle in. What to do? Interesting low-budget drama

THIS MAN CANNOT DIE - The typecast Guy Madison finally found work in this spaghetti western!

THOMASINE & BUSHROD - Black-oriented western

THOU SHALT NOT KILL...EXCEPT - Cult movie that has director Sam Raimi playing a Charles Manson-type guy out for blood, though some Vietnam vets plan to teach them a very bloody lesson! (Letterboxed version)

THREE FANTASTIC SUPERMEN - Only the Italians would have the guts to make a film about three guys in capes and tights who bounce around on hidden trampolines

THREE ON A MEATHOOK - As the trailer said, "The only ones left to mourn. The last witnesses to the execution. Suspended in time by a puppeteer with blood on his hands. Little broken bones that go on dancing, after the music has stopped. Three. On a meathook.

THREE TOUGH GUYS - They're tough! They're guys! There are three of them! The brawny Isaac Hayes! The fighting Fred Williamson! The mighty... Lino Ventura?...

THURSDAY'S GAME - Gene Wilder and Bob Newhart star in this absolute gem of a made-for-TV movie!

TIMBER TRAMPS, THE - Claude Atkins? Joseph Cotten? Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier? Tab Hunter? Stubby Kaye? Cesar Romero? I'm sold!!!!!!!

TIME FOR KILLING, A - If you've ever wanted to see a western with George Hamilton, here you are! Also with Glenn Ford

TIMES SQUARE - Original factory copy! You've heard about it. You crave it. You lust for it. But only I have it....

TOMORROW NEVER COMES - Admit it - you've always wanted to see Oliver Reed, Raymond Burr, Susan George, John Ireland, and Donald Pleasence all together in a Canadian tax shelter movie. Well, your search is over!

TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE - Then I guess all the people who get killed in this Italian romp are ugly

TOP OF THE HEAP - Rare, strange blaxploitation

TORRENTE: THE DUMB ARM OF THE LAW - As the back of the box says, "Torrente es un policia espanol fascist, machista, racista, alcoholico... y del Atleti." English subtitles.

TORSO - Gore-so you want more-so? Then try Torso, an Italian giallo romp! Uncut, remastered, and letterboxed!

TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM - I never would have thought it belonged to... sorry, Dr. Who...

TOUGH AND THE MIGHTY, THE - When you think of that rapscallion Terence Hill, what else do you think about but "tough" and "mighty"?

TOUGH TO KILL - Mercenary warfare directed by the legendary Joe D'Amato!

TRACKDOWN - You don't mess around with Jim - that is, Jim Mitchum, especially if you kidnap his sister! '70s major studio action film that's not available on video.

TRAVELING EXECUTIONER, THE - The tale of a man (played by Stacy Keach) and his portable electric chair

TREASURE OF SILVER LAKE, THE - You've seen spaghetti westerns. Why not try a sauerkraut western? With Lex Barker and Herbert Lom.

TRIAL OF BILLY JACK, THE - Taped from a rare broadcast off TV - very good quality.

TRIP, THE - In a challenging role, Peter Fonda plays a guy who tries L.S.D.!

TROLL - See Sonny Bono turned into a tree! Remastered and letterboxed

TROLL 2 - The modern-day classic! Remastered and letterboxed

TROUBLE MAN - Blaxploitation action with Robert Hooks as "Mr. T"! Marvin Gaye provided the music

TURKISH WIZARD OF OZ - From the land of rip-offs comes this memorable theft of the classic MGM movie. It does have its own ideas, such as an effeminate scarecrow and dwarves that keep appearing and disappearing throughout.

20TH CENTURY OZ - Weird Australian take on The Wizard Of Oz, though taking place in the world of rock 'n' roll!

TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING - Hard to find '70s Burt Lancaster movie

TWISTED BRAIN - The one with it is a high school student (duh), a nerd who kills his enemies one by one!

TWO FEMALE SPIES WITH FLOWERED PANTIES - Ah, Jess Franco... why must you be so subtle?

TWO MISSIONARIES - In a change of pace, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer become serious men of the cloth.... that is, when they are not beating the crap out of those that deserve it!

TWONKY, THE - Hans Conried is harassed and terrified by his stalking and walking television set! I've had days like that myself.

UNHOLY ROLLERS - Claudia Jennings joins the roller derby!

UNKNOWN POWERS - Jack Palance, Samantha Eggar, Will Geer, and Roscoe Lee Brown host this '70s exploitation documentary about..... well, DUH!!!!

UNPUBLICIZED CASE: HUMAN SAUSAGES - Those Hong Kong filmmakers sure don't beef around!

UNTOLD STORY, THE - You'll never look at pork buns - or chopsticks - in the same way again after seeing this Hong Kong movie about a real nasty serial killer! Co-starring Danny Lee of The Killer

UP FROM THE DEPTHS - Somewhat obscure Jaws rip-off produced by the legendary Cirio Santiago!

UP TO HIS EARS - Action-comedy with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ursula Andress

UP YOUR ANCHOR - The Lemon Popsicle series continues in this movie. Up yours? Not yet - but if you trade with me, it can be!

URANIUM CONSPIRACY, THE - Espionage! Suspense! Adventure! In the way only director Menahem Golan can do it!

VAULT OF HORROR, THE - The follow-up to Tales From The Crypt, and the uncut version!

VENGEANCE - Richard Harrison rides the spaghetti western range in a quest for revenge! Letterboxed!

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED - A Troma sketch comedy that's in the vein of movies like Kentucky Fried Movie and The Groove Tube

VIVA DJANGO - In one of his serious roles, Terence Hill takes over the role of the deadly Django, machine-gun and everything! 

VIOLENT NAPOLI - Italian time!

VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS, THE - Not just any old professionals, but violent professionals! Classic Italian crime actioner with the right touch of tomato sauce!

WACKO - Cult spoof of slasher movies with Joe Don Baker!

WALK IN - Danny Lee (The Killer) stars in this supernatural body-switching thriller

WANTED: BABYSITTER: Vic Morror, Maria Schneider, and Robert Vaughn star in a tale of a kidnapped babysitter!

WARLOCK MOON - A house of witches in this '70s independent effort

WARRIORS OF THE WIND - First translated version of Nausicaa In The Valley Of The Wind. Factory copy at SP speed

WATCH OUT, WE'RE MAD - Terence Hill and Bud Spencer team up again. this time teaching us about the important things in life, including beating the crap out of gangsters and the merits of hot dog and beer contests

WASP WOMAN, THE - Original factory copy in SP speed

WAY OF THE WIND, THE - Quite rare '70s documentary about people who chuck it all away to engage in a 30,000 mile sailing trip from Los Angeles to Greece

WEEKEND WITH THE BABYSITTER - The title tells all. But how can you resist any movie directed by Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin?

WEREWOLF OF WOODSTOCK - Awoooooo! Were-wolf of Woodstock! Dick Clark produced this odd 1970s made-for-TV movie

WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS - Awoooooo! Were-wolves on wheels!

WHAT ARE THOSE STRANGE DROPS OF BLOOD DOING ON JENNIFER'S BODY? - You mean if they were ordinary drops of blood, you wouldn't be complaining?

WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH HELEN? - Shelley Winters goes bonkers! Remastered and letterboxed!

WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE? - Cult made-for-TV movie (with Peter Graves) about survivors of a holocaust struggling to survive

WELCOME HOME SOLDIER BOYS - I just can't get enough of the stereotype of the psychotic Vietnam vet! Especially when Joe Don Baker plays one!

WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH - Definitely more exciting than Echo Beach, with runaway Meg Foster shacking up with cannibal Laurence Harvey!

WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS - Bikers encounter werewolves!

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SOLANGE? Well, do you think I'm going to tell you, and risk losing a potential trade?

WHEN YOU COMIN' BACK, RED RYDER? - Psychological horror is the game here in this rarity!

WHERE TIME BEGAN - Spanish Jules Verne-inspired tale

WHITE APACHE - Spaghetti westerns still got made occasionally in the '80s, as this movie shows

WHITEOUT - Tired of Japanese action movies set in the days of the samurai? Try this modern-day actioner!

WHOEVER SLEW AUNTIE ROO? - Shelley Winters goes bonkers again! Remastered and letterboxed!

WHO FINDS A FRIEND FINDS A TREASURE - Terence Hill and Bud Spencer look for treasure on a Pacific island, dodging bullets and beating up a gay leather gang involved in the slave trade.

WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR? - Lurid melodrama that's as sleazy as a mainstream movie could be in 1965 - maybe even more!

WICKED, WICKED - 1970s thriller presented in "Duo-vision", a split screen process showing two scenes at the same time

WILD WILD WORLD OF JAYNE MANSFIELD, THE - Documentary on the misunderstood actress is so sensitive that it shows footage of her fatal car accident.

WILLIE DYNAMITE - Fans of The Mack and The Candy Tangerine Man may like this major studio blaxploitation about a New York pimp played by "Gordon" from Sesame Street.

WILLY MCBEAN AND HIS MAGIC MACHINE - A stop-motion animated kiddie film by the makers of the cult classic Mad Monster Party

WINDOWS - Elizabeth Ashley and Talia Shire star in this epic tale about a psychotic... LESBIAN!!!! Oh, I'm in heaven!

WITHOUT WARNING - Jack Palance, Martin Landau, and the mighty Cameron Mitchell are together at last in this sci-fi movie

WOLF LAKE - If you draft-dodged Vietnam, don't rest easy - Rod Steiger will come along to give you a taste of armed combat!

WONDER BAR - Really strange Al Jolson musical that was made just before the Production Code came in and spoiled Hollywood for several decades. Something in here to offend everyone.

WORM EATERS, THE - What makes everything so lip-smacking good? Why, it's worms! Just think of it as a dysfunctional kind of spaghetti.

WRATH OF GOD, THE - Is this strange Robert Mitchum western a spoof, or are they playing it straight? Decide for yourself.

XX BEAUTIFUL BEAST - More Japanese craziness! (Japanese language only)

YETI: GIANT OF THE 20TH CENTURY - Yes, the Italians also ripped-off King Kong in the '70s, just like the Brits, Koreans, and Hong Kongers!

YOUNGBLOOD - While Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs plays a gang member, he gets more intense than "up your nose with a rubber hose" this time around!

YOUNG WARRIORS - The back of the video box asks, "What do you get if you cross Animal House with Death Wish?" Well, if it's produced by Golan and Globus, you get an over-the-top and unintentionally funny college vigilante epic co-starring Ernest Borgnine and Richard "Shaft" Roundtree!

YOUR THREE MINUTES ARE UP - A great, funny, and very human comedy with Beau Bridges and Ron Liebman that never got the recognition it deserved. Sure, my copy (SP speed) is of the commercial TV version, but this RARE movie has never been released on video; this is as good as it gets.

ZEBRA KILLER - Of all the William Girdler movies, this may be the hardest to find.

ZU WARRIORS FROM MAGIC MOUNTAIN - A forerunner to Hong Kong movies like The Stormriders, this critically acclaimed epic fantasy (directed by Tsui Hark) stars Brigitte Lin, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, and many other familiar faces to lovers of Hong Kong movies!

If the movie you are looking for isn't here, it just might be in a video store or pawn shop in my city!

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