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MACHISMO - Western action!

MAD RON'S PREVUES FROM HELL - Jam-packed with sleazy and gory horror movie trailers of the late '60s to '70s! Includes the notorious Three On A Meathook trailer

MAGIC CRANE, THE - More Hong Kong thrills

MAGIC GARDEN OF STANLEY SWEETHEART, THE - In this hard-to-find 1969 youth drama, college student Don Johnson struggles with sex and drugs - and occasionally with classes!

MAMA'S DIRTY GIRLS - The comedy Heartbreakers was lacking something, and this movie shows just what, doing the same basic story but with gobs of nudity and violence!

MAN CALLED BLADE, A - Hunting vampires in the wild west! Seriously, it's another spaghetti western, one of the last ever made!

MAN FROM THE EAST - Terence Hill is a city bumpkin who finds himself over his head when he travels to the wild west!

MANHUNT - Also known as Hit Men, this Italian police actioner stars Henry Silva and the "cool" Woody (that is, Woody Strode.)

MANIPULATOR, THE - You always knew that Andy Hardy may have looked and acted innocent, but that he was slowly going bonkers. Here, you get to see The Mickster lose it!

MANSION OF THE DOOMED - I've had my eyes (heh heh) out for this movie for some time, and now I have it! If Leonard Maltin doesn't like it, it must be good!

MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD, THE (a.k.a. TURKISH STAR WARS) - According to this movie, "The Force" includes lots of kung-fu and the constant use of hidden trampolines to leap around!

MASSACRE TIME - Mmmmmm..... massacre... Yet another spaghetti western! Though this one is directed by Italian gore king Lucio Fulci!


MATILDA - Robert Mitchum and Elliot Gould star in this hard-hitting drama about a boxing kangaroo

MCCULLOCHS, THE - Max Baer was behind this drive-in drama

MEAN DOG BLUES - This time around, George Kennedy gets to be a mean prison guard abusing those sweet innocent prisoners!

MEAN FRANK AND CRAZY TONY - Lee Van Cleef Italian gangster comedy (with a lot of shootings, car chases, etc.)

MELINDA - Rare blaxploitation movie that includes Jim "Black Belt Jones" Kelly in a small role.

MESSAGE FROM SPACE - Japan quickly cranked out its own version of Star Wars not long after the original was released. Unusual results... especially considering it stars Sonny Chiba and Vic Morrow!

MID-KNIGHT RIDER - A bizarre, very rare '70s movie. It starts off as a Midnight Cowboy clone, with a male prostitute struggling to make a living, even getting to bash around someone like Jon Voight did near the end of his movie. Then the stud escapes, gets into the countryside, finds himself on a ranch and falling in love with the owner's granddaughter - while a range war is brewing with a rival farmer! With Keenan Wynn (no, he doesn't play the stud - thank goodness!)

MISTER FREEDOM - A '60s superhero comedy/satire from France, starring John Abbey and Donald Pleasence. Ah, those wacky French!

MISTRESS OF THE APES - "She's an ape - lady! She's the mistress of the apes...."

MOMENT BY MOMENT - HOT DAMN! John Travolta and Lily Tomlin HAVING SEX!!!!! (Not on video - wonder why?)

MONDO MOD - What were your parents up to in the '60s? This documentary tells all! Watch it with your folks and get extra enjoyment from their humilation!

MONEY TALKS - Rare, almost forgotten documentary made by Candid Camera's Allen Funt

MOONRUNNERS - '70s drive-in flick that was the inspiration for The Dukes Of Hazzard

MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE - Vincent Price in a western? Yes! Have a problem with that, buddy?

MOTEL HELL - A tell-all about how to make sausages from humans you've kept prisoner buried up to their neck! Remastered and letterboxed!

MR. NO LEGS - With John Agar, Rance Howard, and Richard Jaeckel

MR. SYCAMORE - Jason Robards gets so fed up with life, he turns into a tree. What? What are you looking at?

MURDER FOR SALE - The Brits have James Bond - the French have secret agent O.S.S. 177!

MUTATIONS - Donald Pleasence stars in this ahead-of-its-time horror movie, for it was cast with equal opportunity with mind, using real-life "freaks" for the monsters.

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING - Lost footage from an unfinished movie by some guy named Quentin Tarantino

MY FRIENDS NEED KILLING - Here's an original idea; a crazed Vietnam vet on the loose!

MY NAME IS PECOS - Spaghetti western with Robert Woods

NAKED KILLER - Lesbian hitwomen, shootouts, sex, nudity - why Hong Kong cinema is so cool!

NAME FOR EVIL, A - Robert Culp is haunted out of his mind (and at one point, his clothes - ugh!) by a ghost in the mansion he moves into!

NECROMANIA - The last movie Ed Wood directed!


NIGHTMARE IN BADHAM COUNTY - Classic '70s made-for-TV footage, with extra nudity shots for its theatrical release overseas!

NIGHT OF THE CREEPS - Minor cult classic horror/sci-fi/comedy, filled with countless in-jokes. Original factory copy

NIGHT OF THE DAWN OF THE DAY OF THE SON OF THE BRIDE OF THE RETURN OF THE... (ETC.) Someone got a hold of Night Of The Living Dead, and added a comic soundtrack a la What's Up Tiger Lily

NIGHT OF THE LEPUS - People in the American southwest are terrorized by giant... heh heh... Ha Ha... HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!!!

NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER - Hey hey, it's a Monkee! Mickey Dolenz stars in this southern slasher tale!

NIGHT TERROR - Without Mary Richards to protect her, Valerie Harper finds herself alone and stalked in the desert by a crazed killer!

NIGHT THAT PANICKED AMERICA - So your grandparents tell you that they've always been hip and savvy? Well, see how they and their friends reacted during the infamous Mercury Theater radio presentation of The War Of The Worlds!

NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR - "Mr. Satan" and God (played by himself, according to the end credits) sit on a train and argue, bringing up three horror tales (made from edited finished and unfinished movies). Elsewhere in the train an '80s new wave rock group sings and breakdances. Believe it or not, this movie was written by the screenwriter of Johnny Guitar and El Cid! Original factory tape!

NIGHT WARNING - Bo Svenson! Jimmy McNichol! Car crash! Gay TV repairman! Incestuous feelings! Killings! An absolutely insane Susan Tyrrell! This movie has it all!

NINJA DESTROYER - One of those crazy cut-n-paste ninja films from the infamous Joseph Lai!

NO BLADE OF GRASS - TV print, but letterboxed and commercial free! Never released on video!

NOOSE FOR A GUNMAN - Oater with western star Jim Davis

NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER II - Better than the first, since it has no relation to the previous movie! Factory copy!

NORLISS TAPES, THE - A reporter investigates vampire-happenings. No, not The Night Stalker, but created by the same guy

ODDS AND EVENS - Did Terence Hill and Bud Spencer ever make movies outside of Florida? :-)

OGENKI CLINIC - A hard-hitting look at the going-ons at a Japanese sex clinic

OIL - Oil is the word, is the word, is the word! It's got Stuart Whitman, it's got Ray Milland! (Da - da -da - da - da -da...)

OKLAHOMA BOUND - 1981 yahoo drive-in comedy, starring nobody you have heard of!!!!!!!!!!

OLD DRACULA - David Niven stars in this light-hearted horror

ONCE UPON A GIRL.... - So you think that Fritz The Cat and Dirty Duck were the only X-rated animated features to be made (excluding the later re-rated Heavy Traffic)? Wrong! This rarity shows us the true versions of Jack And The Beanstalk, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood in all their explicit, X-rated glory, animated by a guy who worked on Josie And The Pussycats!

ONE-ARMED EXECUTIONER - Since he's all that he can be, he should join the arm-y, right? Well, instead he goes out for revenge!

ONE DAMNED DAY AT DAWN DJANGO MEETS SARTANA - The wild west legends Django and Sartana finally meet! Well, technically they are named "Django" and "Sartana" and they don't look and act like the western heroes we know, but why carp?

ONE MAN JURY - Jack Palance gets to play Dirty Harry!

ONE SUMMER LOVE - Beau Bridges gets out of the nut house and searches for his family, bumping into Susan Sarandon along the way

OPEN SEASON - It's the time..... of the seeeeeeason for shoooooo-ting! This umpteenth rip-off of The Most Dangerous Game stars Peter Fonda, Richard Lynch, William Holden (!), and John Phillip Law.

OPTIMISTS, THE - Withdrawn for years due to legal problems, but I can get you a good copy of this Peter Sellers movie... if you are nice enough to me, that is.

OTHER HELL, THE - Nuns in an Italian horror movie. Say no more, I'm there!

PASSAGE, THE - Campy World War II epic with Anthony Quinn, James Mason, Christopher Lee, and Malcolm McDowell!

PEPE - Gigantic megabomb that was designed as a vehicle for Cantinflas (who?), with a TON of big-name guest stars!

PYJAMA GIRL CASE, THE - Ray Milland is on the trail in this Italian murder thriller

PEACE KILLERS, THE - 1970s motorcycle mayhem!

PEDICAB DRIVER - Hong Kong martial arts action with Sammo Hung. Considered by many to be Hung's best film!

PHYNX, THE - What do you do when commies kidnap Colonel Sanders, Huntz Hall, Busby Berkeley, Johnny Weissmuller, and other beloved American icons? Why, you train four guys to be commandos and pop music stars! Very rare movie!

PINK ANGELS, THE - Ahead of its time, this Crown-International flick dared to explore the then-taboo topic of gay motorcycle gangs!

PINK NIGHTS - Obscure '80s teen comedy about a shy guy suddenly finding himself living with three girls!

PIONEER WOMAN - Made-for-TV movie of the '70s

POLICE CONNECTION, THE - Though widely available under its alternate title The Mad Bomber, this is the ultra rare uncut version, with all the violence and nudity intact! (Don't worry, star Chuck Connors does not engage in the latter.)

POLICE FORCE (a.k.a. POLICE STORY) - Considered to be Jackie Chan's best movie. This is the UNCUT English dubbed version (and a factory SP copy!) The version on New Line Home Video is cut.

POLICEWOMEN - Actually, just one policewoman. But it's done in that Crown-International style, so why carp?

PONY EXPRESS RIDER - Child star Stewart Petersen kicks ass in this family western costarring Dub Taylor, Buck Taylor, Slim Pickens, and Maureen McCormick!

POSSESSED, THE - 1977 made-for-TV movie with Harrison Ford!

POUND - Weird Robert Downey Sr.-directed comedy taking place at a dog pound... where the dogs are played by humans!

PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS - Andy Griffith and Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch) riding motorbikes?!?!? Classic '70s made-for-TV nonsense!

PREMONITION, THE - Mid-'70s regional horror movie with Richard Lynch.

PRIVATE POPSICLE - Some [CENSORED] wanted to trade for it, but then "disappeared". Now I'm stuck with a dub of this movie off a factory video. Help me get rid of it!

PROFESSIONAL, THE - No, not that version. This is the 1981 one with French ass-kicker Jean-Paul Belmondo!

PROJECT: KILL - Leslie Nielsen is a secret agent who karate-chops and shoots his way through international espionage! (Not a comedy.)

PSYCHEDELIC PRIEST, THE - No doubt this 1971 movie is shocking and controversial, since it was never released until recently. Well, what else could the explanation be?

PSYCHIC KILLER - What is it? (Hu-hwah-hu-ha, hwah-hu etc.) It's '70s drive-in horror!

PSYCH-OUT - Hey man, that Dick Clark produced a cool tale of hippies, starring Jack Nicholson!

PUMA MAN - Donald Pleasence stars in this Italian superhero movie that's already become something of a minor cult classic.

QUEEN KONG - After being shelved for over 20 years because of a lawsuit, was this comic take on King Kong worth the wait? See for yourself!

QUEST FOR FIRE - Dub taken off a laserdisc. Letterboxed

RABID DOGS - Let's say a bravo for Bava!

RAGGEDY ANN & ANDY: A MUSICAL ADVENTURE - Rag-hag Ann and boy-toy Andy get caught up in high adventure and songs from Sesame Street's Joe Raposo in this '70s animated movie. Directed by Richard Williams, the animation director behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Thief And The Cobbler.

RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS - Motorcycle gangs from Atlantis invade Florida

RAMBO'S REVENGE - Well, Tomas Milian does play a fellow named Rambo... though this '70s Italian crime drama is also known as One Just Man and Syndicate Sadists


RAPE AFTER, THE - More Hong Kong nuttiness

RATMAN - No, not a superhero saga, but David Warbeck investigating rat-chewed corpses!

RAT PFINK A BOO BOO - As the title says....

RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR - Rats, Italians, and the post-apocalypse genre combine to make a tasty dish!

RAVAGERS - It's after a nuclear war... what heroes will rise from the ashes and beat down those nasty gangs and restore order? Why, people like Richard Harris, Ernest Borgnine, and Art Carney!

RAW COURAGE - Ronny Cox and some of his friends fail to watch Survival Run, so when they jog into the desert, they find a heap of trouble!

RAW MEAT - Also known as Deathline, it concerns cannibals in the London subway!

RECORD CITY - '70s comedy that takes Car Wash and puts it in a record store

RED LIGHT IN THE WHITE HOUSE - A reporter investigating a political female candidate uncovers an unbelievable number of sexual situations she was involved in on her way to the top - which of course we get to see in flashbacks. A few color problems (each lasting a few seconds) in the first part, but otherwise in great shape

RED SKY AT MORNING - Richard Thomas stars in this coming-of-age period piece.

RED TO KILL - Another reason why Hong Kong cinema warms my heart so

REFLECTION OF FEAR - Robert Shaw stars in this creeper

RETURN OF RINGO, THE - The sequel to Ballad Of Death Valley!

RETURN OF SABATA - Lee Van Cleef is back!

RETURN OF THE ALIENS: THE DEADLY SPAWN - They are back - even though they had never appeared anywhere else before!

REVENGE - Wanna see Shelley Winters really go bonkers? Why not try this classic made-for-TV movie where she really gets to strut her stuff!

REVENGE OF DR. X - Japanese horror movie with a script by Edward D. Wood Jr.

REVOLVER - Give one to Oliver Reed in an Italian crime movie, and watch out!

RIDE IN THE WHIRWIND - EP factory copy

RING OF DEATH - Franco Nero stars in this cop thriller

RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP - See The Chocolate Watchband in action!

RITUALS - Very rare uncut version, containing footage not available in the U.S. release!

ROBOFORCE - Also known as I Love Maria, this movie gives us more robot action from those fun-loving Hong Kongese!

ROBOTRIX - No, this isn't about a pissed-off rabbit implanting robotic parts into himself so he can blast some annoying kids blocking his way to a lousy bowlful of cavity-inducing cereal. Instead, it's sort of a Hong Kong feminist version of Robocop, deeply examining the female side of cyborgism, with lots of action, sex, and nudity in-between.

ROCK N' ROLL COP - Hey hey, my my, in this Hong Kong actioner the bullets really fly! My my, hey hey, see all the people those bullets slay!

ROCK & RULE - Taped (SP speed) off of Canadian TV. Uncut!

RUN AND KILL - Instant classic HK violence!

RUNAWAYS, THE - Also known as Fugitive Lovers, this movie is about... well, the alternate title tells it better


RUN MAN RUN - SARTANA'S IN TOWN! Sartana continues his tradition of killing people who deserve it!

If the movie you are looking for isn't here, it just might be in a video store or pawn shop in my city!

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