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FACES OF DEATH - I think you already know about this notorious movie. Dupe copy

FACES OF DEATH 4 - Francis B. Gross may be gone, but his spirit lives on

FACE TO FACE - Spaghetti western

FAMOUS T&A - Sybil Danning hosts this collection of clips of famous actresses lacking clothing

FANTASTIC PLANET - Animated movie that's one of the few French movies that isn't pretentious garbage (though it comes close.)

FANTASY MISSION FORCE - One of Jackie Chan's more entertaining movies in his early career. SP factory video

FAREWELL, UNCLE TOM - Could this Italian Mondo Cane-like look at slavery be the most offensive movie of all time? It just might...

FEAR AND DESIRE - Stanley Kubrick was so embarrassed by this motion picture debut of his, that he did everything he could to suppress it. Obviously, he didn't succeed, since I have a copy of it! Ha ha, Kubrick, there's nothing you can do now!

FEARLESS FRANK - See Jon Voight play a superhero in his motion picture debut! Never released on video in North America, and hard to find anywhere

FIGHT FOR GOLD - Gold fever up north leads to the expected violence in this European actioner. Starring Troy McClure - whoops, I mean Doug McClure!

FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE - Sleazy rip-off of The Desperate Hours

FIGHTING FISTS OF SHANGHAI JOE, THE - The spaghetti western and the kung fu genres collide! With Klaus Kinski

FIRECRACKER - A female martial artist goes looking for her missing sister in the Philippines - so you know that at one point she'll be fighting in nothing but her panties.

FIRE SALE - From the guy who gave you the cult classic Where's Poppa? comes this much-desired movie starring Alan Arkin, Rob Reiner, and Sid Caesar. If you are nice to me, maybe I'll arrange for you to have a copy.

FIRST NUDIE MUSICAL, THE - Cult movie about the making of a porno musical. Wait until you see the Dancing Dildos!

FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE, A - Sergio Leone western with James Coburn and Rod Steiger. This version is a dub from a dub taken from a special laserdisc edition. Movie is both letterboxed and is the special uncut version!

FIVE MAN ARMY - Entertaining spaghetti western with Peter Graves and Bud Spencer, written by Dario Argento and scored by Ennio Morricone

FIVE ON THE BLACK HAND SIDE - "You've already been Coffy-tized, Blacula-rized, and Superflied".... so why not try this '70s black-oriented comedy?

FIVE SAVAGE MEN - Also known as The Animals, this violent '70s western stars Henry Silva! Similar story to the later Hannie Caulder

FLUSH - Ever wonder what It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World would be like with a lower budget and a script peppered with four-lettered words?

FLYING DAGGERS - Two separate bounty hunter teams fight and find romance among themselves while each is pursuing the same bad guy. With Hong Kong superstars Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung, and Maggie Cheung!

FONG SAI YUK - Highly regarded Hong Kong film, with Jet Li!

FOR A FEW PREVIEWS MORE - Compilation of (mostly) spaghetti western trailers!

FOUR FLIES ON GREY VELVET - One of Dario Argento's most famous giallo thrillers - with Bud Spencer in a key role!

FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE, THE - So you think Lucio Fulci just made gory horror movies? Wrong! He dabbed in other genres, including directing this spaghetti western!

FREE HAND FOR A TOUGH COP - When it's an Italian cop flick, I'd be happy to lend a hand!

FREELANCE - Con artist witnesses a mob hit, and is on the run from the hitman in this Brit flick not available on video in North America

FREEWHEELIN' - Before Skateboard Madness came this '70s skateboarding documentary!

FRIGHT - Every babysitter's nightmare becomes real... no, not when a stranger calls, but when she finds out she is Susan George!

FUGITIVE GIRLS - Although Ed Wood just wrote (and not directed) this extremely sleazy 1970s soft-core women-in-prison flick, the master's touch is still there! Among other things, it shows an uncensored "girl gang assaulting a man" scene that The Violent Years could only hint at!

FURY ON WHEELS - Oz's "Alvin Yood" (Tom Ligon) stars in this '70s southern car movie!

FYRE - It's tough to be a teen, especially if you're raped right before your parents die in a car crash, and then you move to L.A. to be a hooker

GATLING GUN, THE - Carradine! Strode! Buttram! Factory EP copy

GENIUS, THE - Terence Hill rides the range in this western comedy that's been called an unofficial sequel to My Name Is Nobody!

GET CRAZY - An Allan Arkush comedy that never got its due because of rotten distribution. See Malcolm McDowell do his Mick Jagger impersonation! See Lou Reed do his Bob Dylan impersonation! See lotsa other guest stars in this madcap comedy!

GET MEAN - Tony Anthony returns as cowboy hero "The Stranger", meeting Vikings this time around!

GINGER - First in the Cheri Caffaro-starring series

GHOSTS THAT STILL WALK - It's that movie where boulders attack an RV

GODZILLA - Original version, of course. From factory tape at SP speed.

GOING HOME - If your pop killed your mom and was released from jail years later, you'd probably be nervous... especially if your pop was Robert Mitchum!

GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON - Classic Italian muscleman nonsense!

GORE GORE GIRLS, THE - Herschell Gordon Lewis combines his trademark sauce with hard-hitting mystery and half-naked women!

GRAVE OF THE VAMPIRE - William Smith as a vampire? Yup! Uncut print

GREAT ALLIGATOR, THE - Ringo Starr's wife encounters the title creature in the Italian splatterfest!

GREAT RIDE, A - Very rare 70s drive-in flick about a vengeful father chasing down two motorcyclists in his computerized pickup truck

GREAT RIVIERA BANK ROBBERY, THE - Obscure British caper movie that was also given the intriguing title of Sewers Of Gold

GREAT SCOUT & CATHOUSE THURSDAY - Drinking buddies Lee Marvin and Oliver Reed team up in this comedy western

GREAT WHITE (a.k.a. THE LAST SHARK) - Italian Jaws rip-off with Vic Morrow. Universal Pictures sued, so it was withdrawn from theaters, and has never received a legit video release in North America.

GRINDHOUSE HORRORS - Trailers right from the title location!

GROUND ZERO - Ed Wood could have made this laughable '70s turkey about detectives racing to find a nuclear bomb before it explodes!

GUESS WHAT WE LEARNED IN SCHOOL TODAY - John G. Avidsen (who later gave us Rocky) directed this "old school" Cannon sex comedy

GULLIVER'S TRAVELS BEYOND THE MOON - Strange feature-length cartoon from Japan!

GUNBUS - Also known as Sky Bandits, this expensive British production never got a video release on these shores

GUNS FOR SAN SEBASTIAN - Based on true incidents, this spaghetti western stars Anthony Quinn and Charles Bronson! Letterboxed!

HAIL (a.k.a. HAIL TO THE CHIEF) - Rare controversial political comedy made during the Nixon era. Original factory copy!

HALLS OF ANGER - Shows the special ways schools were violent in 1970, with thugs like Jeff Bridges and Rob Reiner walking the halls.

HALLUCINATION GENERATION, THE - American-International thought this was too hot for them, releasing it under their Trans-American distribution line. Wanna see what must have had 'em shaking in their boots?????

HANGING ON A STAR - Teens dream of rock-and-roll fame in this '70s youth movie, with Wolfman Jack in a role.

HANNIBAL BROOKS - It's an adventure story. It's a suspense story. It's a comedy story. It's a war story. It's a warm story. It's a wild story. It's a love story. It's a moving story. It's an elephant story. It's a super story. And Michael J. Pollard is the hero. Though Oliver Reed is the star.

HATE FOR HATE - Now that's a perfect title for a spaghetti western! Starring John Ireland and Antonio Sabato. If you want it, then I have Hate for you!

HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR, THE - Frankie Avalon stars in this Brit horror

HAVE A GOOD FUNERAL MY FRIEND... SARTANA WILL PAY - Cool cowboy Sartana hits the range once more, rifle in hand! My copy is labeled with the alternate title, Stranger's Gold.

HELLO EVERYBODY - Learn why singer Kate Smith never made it as an actress or a dancer (!) in this mostly forgotten movie

HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER - Dub from factory tape

HERCULES RETURNS - Find what happens when Australians get hold of an Italian muscleman movie, and redub it with quite different dialogue

HEROES SHED NO TEARS - Almost forgotten John Woo actioner (made just before he became famous) about soldiers of fortune on a deadly and violent mission in the jungles of Southeast Asia!

HEY! THERE'S NAKED BODIES ON MY TV! - Read the review! (Dub from factory tape)

HICKEY AND BOGGS - Robert Culp and Bill Cosby reteam to give us what I Spy was missing - brutal violence and cynicism!

HIDEOUS SUN DEMON, THE - Original factory copy in SP speed

HIGH AND THE MIGHTY, THE - The Wayne estate seems to be too stupid to realize they'd make a mint if they would make this movie available again! Oh well, at least I have it available!

HIGH CRIME - Considered one of the best of all the '70s Italo-crime films

HIGH KICKS - Has anyone else besides me and The Warden of Prison Flicks heard of this videotaped movie?

HIGHWAY RACER - Italian time!

HILLS RUN RED, THE - Spaghetti western with Thomas Hunter and Henry Silva

HIPPIE REVOLT, THE - Groovy, Haight-Ashbury was where it was at, baby! At least according to this psychedelic late '60s documentary!

HIRED HAND, THE - Peter Fonda and Warren Oates star in this rare western, which Fonda also directed

HIS NAME WAS HOLY GHOST - John Garko is the star of this spaghetti western

HITCH-HIKE - To pick up a hitch is a real bitch - that is, if you are Franco Nero and the guy you pick up is David Hess from Last House On The Left! Uncut, widescreen, and remastered!

HIT MAN - Before tickling our funny bone in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bernie Casey appeared in this blaxploitation take on Get Carter!

HOLLYWOOD MAN - William Smith does all he can to make movies in this independent curio

HOLLYWOOD MEATCLEAVER MASSACRE - So you think Christopher Lee and Edward D. Wood Jr. never joined forces in the same movie? Wrong! Both of them grace this *rare* horror flick.

HOMETOWN U.S.A. - Couldn't get enough of the story of Charles Martin Smith's character in American Graffiti? Well, this is essentially a rip-off of that story, stretched to feature length!

HONKERS, THE - James Coburn on the rodeo circuit

HOOKED GENERATION, THE - I can't get enough of these movies with drug-crazed youths!

HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, THE - Taped from TV, includes commercials

HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB - The always endearing Paul Naschy appears in this foreign horror

HOTWIRE - George Kennedy plays a duo role in this drive-in film

HOUSE AT THE EDGE OF THE PARK, THE - David Hess goes psycho again! Letterboxed!

HOUSE OF GOD, THE - United Artists thought this 1979 comedy was so special, they never released it to theaters!

HOUSE OF THE YELLOW CARPET - No weak-bladdered pets in site in this acclaimed giallo thriller

HOUSE WITH THE WINDOWS THAT LAUGHED - How did you guess this movie is not only Italian, but not a comedy? :-)

HUGO THE HIPPO - Completely deranged animated movie! Some video glitches here and there, but this title is ultra-rare, so quit your whining

HUMANOID, THE - Richard Kiel meets spaghetti sci-fi!

HUNDRA - Laurene Landon is the female Red Sonja wannabe in this rare Italian sword and sandal film. Music by Ennio Morricone

HUNTING PARTY, THE - Hackman! Reed! Bergen! Western! Violent! Cool! Rare! Uncut! Not! On! Video!

HWY - The lost movie of Jim Morrison!

I AM SARTANA, YOUR ANGEL OF DEATH - In the second movie of the series, Sartana finds himself framed for a bank robbery, and sets out to find the real culprit while dodging the bullets of bounty hunters!

I CAME, I SAW, I SHOT - No, not a step-by-step porno - it's more western pasta from those prolific Italians!

ICEMAN COMETH, THE - No, not about Vanilla Ice (that movie would be called The Iceman Goeth!) Instead, this is an adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's play, starring Lee Marvin, Fredric March, and Robert Ryan!

IF FOOTMEN TIRE YOU, WHAT WILL HORSES DO? - One of the legendary productions from the Ormond family (certainly not to be confused with the Osmond family!), this one preaching about what those pesky God-hating commies would do to the God-fearing American population! A real hoot!

IF YOU MEET SARTANA...PRAY FOR YOUR DEATH - "I am your pallbearer!" The first in this spaghetti western series!

ILSA: HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHEIKS - The official sequel to Ilsa: She-Wolf Of The SS. Love that Henry Kissinger clone!

ILSA: THE WICKED WARDEN - An unofficial sequel, but with Jess Franco behind the camera, you know you're in for a sleazy time!

I'M FOR THE HIPPOPOTAMUS - Terence Hill and Bud Spencer go to Africa!

INCHON - No, you are not seeing things - I have a copy of this big-budget disaster made by the Moonies, starring (among others) Laurence Olivier, Jacqueline Bisset, Richard Roundtree, and Toshiro Mifune! If you want a copy, you'll have to kneel before me right now and declare me your king!!! (As well as offer me something good in exchange.)

INCUBUS - The long lost 1960s William Shatner art movie, in the Esperanto language (English subtitles are provided.) *Very Good* quality. Read the review!

THE INDIAN SUPERMAN MOVIE - Cult movie from India about Superman, ripping off footage and music from the American movie and filming the rest of the movie in that endearing Indian style, including song and dance numbers!

IN HOT PURSUIT - Also known as The Polk County Pot Plane!

INTRUDER - Hong Kong terror in that nasty category III vein we all love!

INVADER - A sci-fi ultra-cheapie produced by Menahem "King Of Cool" Golan that is actually quite entertaining to watch. Will wonders ever cease?

INVISIBLE INVADERS - Aliens from the moon subject Earth to stock-footage destruction! With John Agar and John Carradine

ISLAND OF PERVERSION - Just what are those crazy Greeks doing on that island? Personally, I wish they had traveled a bit further to the island of Lesbos, but you can't have everything

ISN'T IT SHOCKING - With senior citizens being knocked off, I suppose so

JACK FROST - Not the crappy Michael Keaton movie, but the saga about a killer snowman! Hey, one of the holiday colors is red - right? (Dubbed from factory copy)

J.C. - A motorcycle gang leader gets a vision and gets followers, but the darn establishment gets in the way.

JIMMY, THE BOY WONDER - Who else but Herschell Gordon Lewis to direct a kiddie musical? "Beans, beans, wonderful beans...."

J-MEN FOREVER - The cult movie where the Firesign Theater took B&W footage from Republic serials and redubbed the dialogue

JOHNNY COOL - Hard to find movie with that rascal Henry Silva as an annoyed gangster determined to kick butt hard, enough to seriously push the early 1960s censorship rules quite hard! Also stars Sammy Davis Jr., Jim Backus, Joey Bishop, and Telly Savalas!

JOHNNY FIRECLOUD - Modern-day Indian goes on the modern-day warpath!

JOHN THE BASTARD - Spaghetti western also known as His Name Was Johnny

JOURNEY INTO THE BEYOND - John Carradine hosts this exploitation documentary

JOURNEY TO THE SEVENTH PLANET - Astronauts find a Danish village on Uranus. Could only be a Sidney Pink production!

JOYRIDE - Not the John Dahl suspense movie - this '70s drive-in movie with youth on the run stars Desi Arnaz Jr., Robert Carradine, Anne Lockhart, and Melanie Griffith!

JUNGLE RAIDERS - One of the better Italian rip-offs of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

KEKKO MASK 2 - Live-action sequel to the famous anime, concerning a female crimefighter who isn't completely dressed.

KENNY & CO. - Before Don Coscarelli went Phantasm on us, he directed this wholesome warm-hearted look at growing up, with some of the same stars!

KEOMA - One of the final spaghetti westerns, this surreal ride (with Franco "Django" Nero and Woody Strode) is considered one of the finest ever made!

KID BLUE - The 37 year-old Dennis Hopper plays the title figure in this western

KILLDOZER - I'll probably get a lot of inquiries about this one... though if I get offered plenty of $, or some juicy movie in return, I won't mind

KILLER SNAKES - Hong Kong ripped-off Stanley... which was a rip-off of Willard!

KILLING AFFAIR, A - Who better to play a cop... who is investigating a murder... while falling in love with his blonde female partner... than O.J. Simpson?

KING FRAT - Ever wanted to see a cheaper, cruder Animal House? Here you go! (EP copy)

KING KUNG FU - Demented '70s American movie about a Chinese gorilla that knows karate, police chief J. W. Duke and his first officer Pilgrim, and Duke's love interest Rae Fey.

KRAKATOA, EAST OF JAVA - So what if Krakatoa is actually west of Java? As long as we see plenty of destruction and explosions, who cares? (Letterboxed!)

LABORATORY - Strange, very obscure 1980 sci-fi film

LADYBUG LADYBUG - Based on a true story! While in class, rural schoolchildren get word that a nuclear attack is on its way. Can you imagine the looks on their faces? Priceless!

LAND RAIDERS - Telly Savalas rides the range in this western

LAST HARD MEN, THE - In the pre-Viagra wild west, James Coburn and Charleton Heston cock their guns and wait for the other to pull a boner, so they can make the other a real wiener!

LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET - Need I say more - except that I have the rare uncut version? (Spanish subtitled)

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, THE - The movie that gives that extra drop of sunshine in life! Letterboxed (or full-frame, if you are a philistine), and extras related to the movie can be thrown in!

LAST HUNTER, THE - Italian actioner - need I say more?

LAST HURRAH FOR CHIVALRY - John Woo movie with the weapons of choice here being swords, instead of guns. Letterboxed and subtitled

LAST MAN STANDING - One of PM Entertainment's masterpieces!

LAST REBEL, THE - Football great Joe Namath shows off his acting chops in this Civil-War era drama

LAST REUNION, THE - Leo Fong swears revenge against the American soldiers (including Cameron Mitchell) who killed his parents when he was just a boy!

LAST SURVIVOR, THE - a.k.a. Jungle Holocaust and Cannibal. Yes, it's Italian - need I say more? (EP)

LEGEND OF BLACK THUNDER MOUNTAIN, THE - Very rare 70s family movie

LEGEND OF THE NORTHWEST - Family film with Denver Pyle. Factory EP copy

LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND - Anime epic that's fun for the whole family! (Yeah, right!)

LET MY PUPPETS COME - So you think Peter Jackson was the first person to make a movie about puppets doing very rude things? Wrong! In the '70s came this oddity!

LET'S KILL UNCLE - Well, why not? Directed by William Castle

LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH - Okay, but you have to get rid of the body

LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE - Cult European zombie film inspired by Night of the Living Dead

LIFT, THE - Who knew an elevator could be so frightening... so evil... so deadly!

LION'S SHARE, THE - Italian cop goes to Africa to find his roots but getting into trouble. Inspired by Shaft In Africa?

LITTLE BIT OF LOVE, A - Originally titled Dame Un Poco De Amooor...! English song-singing group Los Bravos appears in this crazy mix of Help! and The Monkees.

LITTLE CIGARS - Any movie with midgets must be automatically funny - right? Especially when they play gangsters - right?

LOCH NESS HORROR, THE - Made by Larry Buchanan - that's probably all you need to know.

LONGEST HUNT, THE - Brian Kelly from Flipper stars in this spaghetti western!

LONG RIDE FROM HELL, A - Steve "Hercules" Reeves' final movie (which he co-wrote!) is not another muscleman epic, but a spaghetti western!

LONG WEEKEND - Creepy horror from Australia! Thought I'd say "Down Under", right? Oh wait - take that back...

LOVE BUTCHER, THE - He doesn't just kill people - he does it with love!

LUCKY LUKE - Terence Hill plays the title hero in this adaptation of the famous European comic book hero

LUCKY THE INSCRUTABLE - Jesus Franco - of all people! - directs this spy spoof

If the movie you are looking for isn't here, it just might be in a video store or pawn shop in my city!

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