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Movies Wanted & Available For Trade


Over the years, I've heard mention of several movies that are, to various degrees, "unknown" movies. However, since I live in Canada, many movies are simply not available. Mostly that's because some American video distributors either won't - or are unable to - distribute videos up here. And Canadian distributors still suffer from an apathy for picking up more obscure titles.

This first part of this page lists the titles of several movies I'm looking for. The second part lists my collection of movies and music that I can offer for a trade. As well, the video stores and pawn shops in my area do carry a lot of movies I can purchase and/or copy, so even if something you are looking for isn't on my list......there's a good chance I can find it elsewhere in my city! (Hey, I managed to find a copy of Earthbound for someone, so it could happen to you!)

If you wish to make some sort of trade, contact me through this link.


Movies Wanted

(List will be updated on a regular basis)


  • 2 CATCH 2 - Weird no-name no-budget movie that occasionally plays on late-night TV
  • CALIFORNIA DREAMING - The Dennis Christopher film - but the uncut version with the original soundtrack that has played on cable, not the (rescored) home video version
  • LAST OF THE SKI BUMS - The Endless Summer of ski films!
  • THE FARMER - Surely someone has a copy of this Gary Conway splatterfest
  • GOODBYE, FRANKLIN HIGH - Help me say "hello" to a copy!
  • Made-for-TV movies of the 1970s!
  • The juiciest Category III movies from Hong Kong!
  • The spiciest spaghetti westerns from Europe!
  • SARTANA movies - I'm looking for all the movies of this Italian spaghetti western series (just the movies with the original actor.) Currently, I just have If You Meet Sartana... Pray For Your Death, I Am Sartana - Your Angel Of Death, Run Man Run - Sartana's In Town, and Have A Good Funeral My Friend... Sartana Will Pay

(Maybe you have a movie not on this list that might interest me. If so, e-mail me!)

Available for Trade

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ABBY - Black take on The Exorcist, with Blacula star William Marshall!

ACES GO PLACES - The first entry in the popular Hong Kong series, also known as the Mad Mission movies. Letterboxed and remastered!

AENIGMA - This Lucio Fulci could be considered a variation of Carrie

AFROS, MACKS, AND ZODIACS - Rudy Ray Moore hosts this compilation of blaxploitation trailers! As a bonus, the music video at the end has a guest appearance by Jim Kelly!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Dark & twisted version of the tale with Peter Cook, Peter Sellers, John Gielgud, and Eric Idle!

ALIEN 2 - Those wacky Italians don't let a thing called copyright stop them, as this unauthorized sequel to Alien shows!

ALLEY CAT - Don't you just love those alley cats... that beat up gang members with their black belt skills when their grandparents are killed?

ALPHA INCIDENT, THE - Low budget take on The Andromeda Strain

ALOHA, BOBBY AND ROSE - Cult '70s movie, with Paul LeMat and Dianne Hull as two youths on the lam

ALYAS BATMAN AND ROBIN - Filipino take on the old Batman TV show, with musical numbers!

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - Rare Canadian tax-shelter flick, which portrays a surprisingly scummy-looking Toronto, full of women taking off their clothes as well as a mad slasher out to get them. Contains an early Michael Ironside role, where he plays (gasp!) a good guy!

AMIN: THE RISE AND FALL - Sleazoid look at the world's most unjolly fat man

ANGEL LEVINE, THE - Harry Belafonte tells Zero Mostel he's an angel in this comedy drama. Widescreen (or full-frame, if you are a philistine.)

ANY GUN CAN PLAY - Kookie, Kookie, lend me your six-shooter! Edd Byrnes stars in this spaghetti western. Factory EP copy

ARENA, THE - Hot action! Hot bodies! Hot Pam Grier!

A*P*E - Korean rip-off of King Kong, sensitively retitled later Attack Of The Giant Horny Gorilla and several other titles

APPLE, THE - Menahem Golan (of Cannon Films) directed this epic musical about the power of 1994! What were you thinking of, Golan?

ART OF DYING, THE - Wings Hauser finds out how beautiful bloody crime scenes can be in this PM Entertainment thriller!

ASSASSIN, THE - Sonny Chiba takes on the mob!

ASTERIX AND OBELIX AGAINST CAESAR - Live-action version of the famous European comic! English subtitles

ASTRO-ZOMBIES - T.V. Mikel's legendary camp classic with John Carradine!

AT HOME AMONG STRANGERS, A STRANGER AMONG HIS OWN - Soviet movie that might be considered a "borsch" western!

AT MIDNIGHT, I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL - From director Coffin Joe

ATOMIC WAR BRIDE - A weird, almost indescribable movie of the madness of war

ATTACK OF THE BEAST CREATURES - Shipwreck survivors are attacked by doll-like creatures thrown at them by offscreen members of the film crew

AVENGED - Low-budget Death Wish clone, also known as Deadbeat and Tomcats

BABY BLUE MARINE - Jan-Michael Vincent gets knocked out (not from drugs or alcohol this time!), then wakes up and finds himself in new togs that gets everyone thinking he's a hero

BAKER COUNTY U.S.A. (a.k.a. TRAPPED and THE KILLER INSTINCT) - Henry Silva shows them city folk that you shouldn't go to the wilderness in any Canadian Deliverance-inspired movie! Has the infamous body-puncturing via TV antenna.

BALLAD OF DEATH VALLEY, THE - Also known as A Pistol For Ringo, this spaghetti western stars Montgomery Wood and Fernando Sancho!

BAMBOO GODS AND IRON MEN - The blaxploitation & kung-fu genre collide in this rarity!

BANANA JOE - Bud Spencer wrote the story for this goofball comedy set in South America. Much better than the other banana-oriented comedy Going Bananas - but hell, anything is better than Going Bananas!

BARON, THE - Back filmmaker (Calvin Lockhart) borrows from the mob, and problems soon arise!

BARON MUENCHHAUSEN - In the middle of World War II, Germany's UFA movie studio celebrated its 25th anniversary with the making of this in-color adaptation of the exploits of the legendary Baron. Interesting to compare it to the later The Adventures of Baron Munchausen in many aspects.

BARQUERO - You'll get a punch in the teeth from ol' Lee Van Cleef in this western!

BATTLE OF LOVE'S RETURN - Lloyd Kaufman's first real movie, with an appearance by Oliver Stone

BATTLE ROYALE - People can be such hypocrites - they will praise a movie where adults kill each other, but they protest a movie where kids are killing each other.

BAY OF BLOOD (a.k.a. TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE) - One of Mario Bava's best

BEACH RED - I would bet money Steven Spielberg saw this Cornel Wilde-directed war movie before making Saving Private Ryan.

BEAST MUST DIE!, THE - Peter Cushing and werewolves! Factory copy!

BED-SITTING ROOM - Post-apocalypse in England

BEEN DOWN SO LONG IT LOOKS LIKE UP TO ME - Barry Primus of Cagney & Lacey stars as an aimless hippie-type in this rare counterculture flick

BELL FROM HELL, A - Twisted and bizarre horror from those notorious - no, not Italians - Spaniards!

BERMUDA DEPTHS, THE - I'll probably get a lot of inquiries about this one... though if I get offered plenty of $, or some juicy movie in return, I won't mind

BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE, THE - John Carradine hosts this collection of exploitation movie trailers. Does that mean he's an authority on sex? (Shudder)

BETWEEN GOD, THE DEVIL AND A WINCHESTER - If you can't guess what kind of movie this is, leave my site and never return!

BIG CUBE, THE - Unbelievable late '60s L.S.D.-themed campfest with Lana Turner!

BIG GUNDOWN, THE - Proclaimed as one of the best spaghetti westerns ever. Print isn't the greatest (multi-generation), but is the most complete (has scenes not seen in American version)

BIG FALL, THE - C. Thomas Howell directs himself in a hard-boiled private eye drama, the PM Entertainment way!

BIG HEAT, THE - If Lucio Fulci and John Woo could have had a child, it could have easily directed this ultra gory Hong Kong flick!

BIG SCORE, THE - Fred Williamson does his Dirty Harry impression in this film

BILLY JACK GOES TO WASHINGTON - If you are determined to watch the saga to the end.... (Just got a SP copy!)

BIO ZOMBIE - Hong Kong nuttiness!

BITE THE BULLET - All-star adventure epic with Gene Hackman, James Coburn, Ben Johnson, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Candice Bergen! Letterboxed (or full-frame, if you are a philistine)

BLACK CAT - If you see one while in a Lucio Fulci movie, you are really unlucky!

BLACK GIRL - '70s black-oriented drama

BLACK GODFATHER, THE - Classic low budget blaxploitation! (EP)

BLACKIE THE PIRATE - Terence Hill and Bud Spencer hit the high seas in this rare pirate romp!

BLACK NOON - The cult made-for-TV movie!

BLACK SHAMPOO - "He's bad...he's mean...he's a lovin' machine!" (And there's classic stuff with pool cues and chainsaws!)

BLACK SIX, THE - "See the 6 biggest, baddest, and best [pro football players] waste 150 motorcycle dudes!"

BLINDMAN - Rare Tony Anthony spaghetti western, about a blind ass-kicking cowboy and his seeing-eye horse. Believe it or not, Ringo Starr has a role!

BLIND RAGE - A typical example of the blind-men-robbing-a-bank genre. With Fred Williamson and D'Urville Martin

BLINK OF AN EYE - Michael Pare stars in this actioner

BLOOD AND LACE - Obscure early '70s horror that has one of Dennis Christopher's earliest roles

BLOOD AT SUNDOWN - Gianni Garko - a.k.a. Sartana - stars as a different kind of cowboy "hero" in this spaghetti western!

BLOOD FEAST - Don't know if I should bother with putting this up, especially since it's EP. But I can't find in anywhere in my area, so maybe there's some other unlucky person in the same boat...

BLOOD FEAST 2 - Herschell Gordon Lewis finally returns to the director's chair!

BLOOD FREAK (a.k.a. BLOOD FREAKS) - Read the review to get an idea of this laughfest. Okay print quality

BLOOD-O-RAMA SHOCKSHOW - Trailer collection

BLOOD SONG - What happened after Frankie Avalon left the beach? Why, he became a psychotic killer!

BLOODSTAINED SHADOW, THE - More Italian giallo.

BLOODSTALKERS - Horror in the Everglades!

BLOODY SUN - Chris Mitchum is the star of this South American modern western, also known as Powderburn.

B MOVIE TRAILER SHOWCASE - A mix of movie trailers (with an emphasis on sex) and drive-in commercials!

BODY & SOUL - Since no one else seems willing to say it, I will: Leon Issac Kennedy sure looks effeminate at times!

BODY ROCK - Snap your fingers to that '80s beat, as you prance and dance along with... Lorenzo Lamas?!?!?!?

BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL - Plane crash survivors on an island are terrorized by a blob-like alien that sucks their blood. Since it's Japanese, you know it'll be stranger than how it reads here!

BODY WEAPON - She's out for revenge! When some gay rapists brutalize her and murder her husband, she gets training from a gay sensei so she can get revenge by kicking their "G" spots! Believe it or not, this Hong Kong flick also has some serious romance for the ladies.

BONNIE'S KIDS - When two girls blow away their abusive stepfather and go on the run, they find themselves facing the evil known as Alex Rocco!

THE BOOGENS - Was it worth the wait for all these years for it to be on video? Why don't you find out for yourself!

BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS, THE - Original factory copy in SP speed

BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE, THE - Original factory copy in SP speed

BRAINWAVES - That boy from the Bronx, Tony Curtis, messes with Suzanna Love's brain!

BREAKING POINT - That Joe Don Baker wannabe, Bo Svenson, learns that the mob doesn't take kindly to you when you testify against them in this Canadian tax-shelter actioner!

BRONSON LEE, CHAMPION - Why do I doubt that was the original title for this  Japanese karate movie?

BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH - Black Vietnam vets go up against whitey!

BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL - Glenn Ford stars in this creepy '70s made-for-TV movie!

BROTHERS O'TOOLE, THE - John Astin stars in this comedy western that possibly was inspired by Evil Roy Slade

BUDDY GOES WEST - Bud Spencer rides the range again!

BULLET FOR SANDOVAL, A - Raw and mean spaghetti western where the quest is to knock off Ernest Borgnine!

BULLET FOR THE GENERAL, A - One of the classics in the spaghetti western genre!

BULLET IN THE HEAD, A - Directed by John Woo. Good quality

BUNNY O'HARE - The meanest motorcycle mama and her 'cycle stud roar around the countryside robbing banks! The dastardly desperado duo is played by... Bette Davis and Ernest Borgnine!?!?!?

BUSTING - Tough cop Elliot Gould and (ooooh!) Robert Blake team up to battle the L.A. mob!

CALIFORNIA AXE MASSACRE - I wish - they - all - could - be - Ca-li-for-nia axemassacres!

CALIGULA REINCARNATED AS HITLER - Hey, it could  have happened!

CANDY SNATCHERS, THE - Very rare drive-in sleaze that makes sure to give its audience everything (including, but not limited to rape, drugs, incest, kidnapping, and blood) that could tickle its fancy. Who would have thought candy could be so good?

CAN HIERONYMOUS MERKIN EVER FORGET MERCY HUMPPE AND FIND TRUE HAPPINESS? - You certainly won't forget this weird movie! Never released on video, and probably never will!

CANNIBAL FEROX (a.k.a. MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY) - Original CFV International Video copy

CANNIBAL GIRLS - Eugene Levy disguises himself as Gene Shalit in this rare horror comedy

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST - Proof that the technique used in The Blair Witch Project wasn't so original at all, and was done better here. For extra fun, imagine everyone involved in TBWP being the ones tortured, killed, and eaten here.

CANNON FOR CORDOBA - George Peppard and his forces battle Mexican bandits in Texas!

CARNIVAL OF BLOOD - Burt Young's first movie. I'm still kicking myself for not saving the copy of Uncle Joe Shannon I taped off TV...but this ought to please you Young fans.

CASE OF THE BLOODY IRIS, THE - See What Are Those Strange Drops Of Blood Doing On Jennifer's Body?

CHALLENGE - When Earl Owensby's family is killed by the mob, he goes on the warpath!

CHALLENGE OF THE MCKENNAS - Spaghetti western with John Ireland. A.K.A. Badlands Drifter

CHASTITY - Cher's first movie, playing a screwed-up hitchhiker trying to make sense of her life. Want me to "Cher" it with you? Well, make me a deal!

CHE! - The movie where Jack Palance plays Fidel Castro!

CHINESE TORTURE CHAMBER STORY - One of the most notorious all-out Hong Kong extravaganzas of recent years

CHOSEN SURVIVORS - Extremely rare '70s horror flick that combines twin horrors - vampire bats and bomb shelters!

CHRISTIAN LICORICE STORE, THE - Obscure drama with Beau Bridges and Maud Adams

CHRISTINE JORGENSON STORY, THE - Camp classic about sex-change!

CINDERELLA - The famous French fairy tale is finally brought to the screen in the way the original writer always intended to be like - complete with songs, nudity, and soft-core sex!

CLASSIC EXPLOITATION TRAILERS #15 - Trailers for old classics like Freaks, Marihuana, Unwed Mother, Reform School Girl, and more!

CLOSE ENCOUNTER - Peter Fonda gets contacted by aliens in this rare Italian movie

COCAINE: ONE MAN'S SEDUCTION - See Dennis Weaver get seduced!

C**KSUCKER BLUES - The Rolling Stones were very upset about this documentary featuring them, and as a result, they have done their best to suppress it. Well, obviously they didn't do enough, since I have a copy of this ultra-rare film!

COLD HARVEST - Gary Daniels stars in this post-apocalypse actioner

COLD NIGHT'S DEATH, A - Robert Culp and Eli Wallach stuck together in the frozen wilderness? No wonder they go crazy!

COLD RIVER - When their father is inconsiderate enough to drop dead of a heart attack, two maturing kids must make their way out of the wilderness

COLE JUSTICE - A university professor gets so sick of crime, he dresses up as a cowboy, straps on his six-shooter, and starts blowing away criminal scum!

COLOSSUS OF RHODES, THE - Before Sergio Leone made spaghetti westerns, he made this sword-and-sandal movie!

COMPANEROS - Franco Nero, Thomas Milian, and Jack Palance are all together in this spaghetti western!

CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT - Woman offers three men $100,000 if they can stay alive for 24 hours while she hunts them down

CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KILLER - A companion piece to Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer

CONQUEROR OF ATLANTIS, THE - Hercules finds himself in Atlantis!

COP IN BLUE JEANS - Undercover cop Thomas Milian takes on crime boss Jack Palance. Directed by Bruno Corbucci.

CORPSE EATERS, THE - Yes, Canada made its own Night Of The Living Dead clone, and for $36,000 (Canadian dollars!)

COTTON CANDY - Ron Howard directs his brother Clint in this 70s made-for-TV movie!

CRACKING UP - From the makers of Tunnelvision comes this follow-up, consisting of more skits and commercial parodies. All you fans of the comedy group Ace Trucking Company won't want to miss seeing their favorite boys here!

CRAWLSPACE - Klaus Kinski plays the typical misunderstood guy he usually plays. Factory copy!

CREATION OF THE HUMANOIDS - Andy Warhol's favorite movie. Make of that as you will

CRIME BUSTERS - One of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer's funniest! Read the review!

CRY ONION - Franco Nero made an ass out of himself in this spaghetti western comedy (a.k.a. Spaghetti Western)

CUT AND RUN - It really feels all right when it cuts like a knife here... especially since this is the uncut version!

CUT-THROATS - WW II flick where Europe looks like southern California!

CUTTHROATS 9 - Proclaimed as one of the goriest spaghetti westerns ever made!

CYNIC, THE RAT, AND THE FIST, THE - Italian cop movie starring - who else? - Tomas Milian!

DADDY'S DEADLY DARLING - A tender little tale about incest, murder, and pigs

DANCE OR DIE - One of the first efforts by Richard Pepin and Joseph Merhi - so I bet your mouth is watering, right?

DARK IS DEATH'S FRIEND, THE - George Hilton stars in this Luigi Cozzi giallo!

DAY THE CLOWN CRIED, THE - No, I don't have a print of this suppressed Jerry Lewis movie, where he played a clown in a Nazi concentration camp who entertains children before they are killed in gas chambers. However, I do have a rare copy of the screenplay!

DEAD ALIVE - Original and uncut factory copy - naturally

DEADBEAT AT DAWN - After suffering the consequences of quitting his gang, a resourceful punk inflicts major carnage on his former comrades

DEADLY CAMP - Why should Americans and Canadians have all the fun? Hong Kong gets into the slasher movie groove!

DEAD OR ALIVE - I'm a yakuza / Knives into people I drive / I'm wanted / Dead or alive!

DEAD PEOPLE - About... well... dead people. This obscure zombie flick was written and directed by the duo who gave us American Graffiti (as well as Howard The Duck)

DEAF SMITH AND JOHNNY EARS - Anthony Quinn and Franco Nero pair up in this spaghetti western! The name of their team may not be as good as "Stretch Dude & Clobber Girl", but it will do.

DEALING: OR THE BERKELEY-TO-BOSTON FORTY-BRICK LOST-BAG BLUES - Hard-to-find adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel, with Barbara Hershey, John Lithgow, Charles Durning, and the unforgettable actress Joy Bang!

DEATH GAME - Two lesbians (Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp) tie up and torture a man in his own house in this howlingly funny (in the unintentional way) thriller!

DEATH LAID AN EGG - The perfect setting for a giallo - a chicken farm!

DEATH WEEKEND - Also known as The House By The Lake, this is Canada's own I Spit On Your Grave!

DELTA FACTOR, THE - Christopher George and Yvette Mimieux do Mickey Spillane!

DEMON LOVER DIARY - Notorious documentary

DEMON OF THE LAKE - What? A decent Sasquatch movie?

DERANGED - Inspired by the real-life case of Ed Gein. Remastered and letterboxed!

DEVIL MASTER, THE - Legendary camp classic that got funding from the lead player after he purposely chopped off his finger to get the insurance money.

DIDN'T YOU HEAR - The unheralded classic! A must see for those with a taste for bizarre "individual" pictures of the 70s! Original factory copy! Read the review!

DINNER FOR ADELE - Bizarre Czech spoof of old detective stories, with Nick Carter dodging booby traps and giant meat-eating plants!

DION BROTHERS, THE - Stacy Keach and Frederic Forrest get a taste for crime!

DIRTY DUCK - Fritz the Cat wasn't the only animal to be in a 1970s X-rated cartoon...

DIRTY LITTLE BILLY - Michael J. Pollard stars in this rare western about the life of Billy The Kid!

DISK-O-TEK HOLIDAY - Sort of like MTV in 1966, with most of the movie devoted to mostly little-known bands performing their songs

DIXIE DYNAMITE - Southern yahoo action with Warren Oates and Christopher George!

DJANGO KILL! - This time around it's Tomas Milian starring in an unofficial sequel

DJANGO STRIKES AGAIN - The original Django (Franco Nero) returns in the one legitimate sequel to the original Django movie!

DJANGO THE BASTARD - Creepy spaghetti western/horror that just may have been the inspiration for Clint Eastwood's High Plains Drifter

DOBERMAN GANG, THE - Six doberman dogs rob a bank.

DOC - Stacey Keach stars in yet another offbeat '70s movie, about Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp

DOGPOUND SHUFFLE - Yah, yah, yah, do the Dogpound Shuffle! Ron Moody and David Soul star in this rare '70s family movie!

DOGS - Remember the 1970s craze for movies about killer packs of dogs? No? Well, that's because there were only two, this one, and The Pack.

DON CAMILLO - Terence Hill plays a man of the cloth in this Italian action/comedy!

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK - Back in the '70s, they used to make cool made-for-TV movies, and this one is considered something of a classic. Just what are those mysterious creatures hiding in Kim Darby's chimney?

DON'T CRY, IT'S ONLY THUNDER - Sensitive drama with Dennis Christopher of Breaking Away playing a Vietnam medic who gets involved with a band of helpless orphans.

DON'T DIE TOO HARD! - Also know as The Towering Montparnasse Inferno, this French movie is a cross between Dumb And Dumber and Die Hard. Odd results... to say the least. (English subtitles)

DON'T GO TO SLEEP - Made-for-TV horror starring Dennis Weaver (brrrrr!) and Valerie Harper (oooooooh!)

DON'T LOOK NOW - Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland have sex. Oh yeah, there's also a mystery in there somewhere.

DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING - Lucio Fulci didn't just do gory horror - he did it with love. Letterboxed!

DON'T WORRY, WE'LL THINK OF A TITLE - A movie starring Morey Amsterdam (who co-wrote the script), Rose Marie, and Richard Deacon? I'm worried already!

DOUBLE TROUBLE - Double your pleasure, double your fun, with Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, times two and not one!

DRAGON LIVES AGAIN, THE - What happened after Bruce Lee died? Well, according to this movie, after fighting James Bond, Clint Eastwood, and Zatochi in the opening credits, he wandered around the underworld and found opponents like Popeye!

DRIVE - THE Mark Dacascos movie! Read the review. Original factory copy

DRIVE-IN - Cult comedy about the wild going-ons one night at the ol' passion pit!

DR. COOK'S GARDEN - Think that Bing Crosby was always a nice guy? Well, not if you know about his family life... or about this rare made-for-TV movie where he plays a mad killer doctor!

DR. LAMB - Hong Kong horror (based on a true story) about a real baaaaaaad fellow!

DRUNKEN WU-TANG - Memorable Hong Kong insanity!

DR. WAI IN THE SCRIPTURE WITH NO WORDS - Acclaimed Hong Kong movie (with Jet Li) that's akin to Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Dubbed from factory copy, and letterboxed!

DUFFY - No, not based on the inane comic strip, but a caper movie with the man, James Coburn!

DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #1 - Quite a variety of trailers here, for stuff like Great White, Hell's Chosen Few, The Amazing World Of Psychic Phenomenon, The Brute And The Beast, The Korean Connection, etc.

DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #2 - The second in the trailer series that makes life worth living!

DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #3 - The third time is the charm in this series... though so is every other entry!

DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #4 - Drive-in trailers from the '60s and '70s, for movies like Blackjack, Stacey!, The Devil's Wedding Night, The Big Bust Out, and more!

DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #5 - For an extensive description of the trailers here, read this review from The Bad Movie Report!

DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #6 - With trailers for movies like Cry Onion, There's Always Vanilla, The Student Body, Roller Boogie, Night Of The Bloody Apes, and more!

DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #7 - I think you get the idea by now


DUSK TO DAWN TRASHORAMA #9 - Why are you still here?

DYING ROOM ONLY - Cloris Leachman stars in this spooky made-for-TV movie!

EAST SIDE STORY - Shake shake shake your booty to the rhythm of the music and dancing shown in these clips from Iron Curtain musicals!

EEGAH! - Original factory copy in SP speed

EL CISCO - William Berger stars in this spaghetti western

EL TOPO - Excellent print!

EMPEROR OF THE NORTH - Call him the one of big gapped tooth / The muscular one, and bid him whip / Or kill anyone who comes on his train. / Let the wimps dawdle from going on board / But Lee Marvin will give it a shot / Bringing flowers to put on Borgnine's grave. / Better than a video of Dorf. / The only emperor is the emperor of the north.

ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE - RARE Steve McQueen movie that was never given a release outside of test screenings, and is unavailable on video. See McQueen with a beard and glasses!

EROTIC GHOST 3 - More of that wonderful Category III stuff from Hong Kong!

ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA, THE - With the over-the-top horror Hong Kong movies are famous for!

EVEN ANGELS EAT BEANS - Bud Spencer tangles with gangsters in the dirty '30s!

EVICTORS, THE - Vic Morrow sells Michael Parks and Jessica Harper a house with a bloody history

EXECUTIONER, THE - No, not based on the Don Pendelton books, despite the movie's dealing with the mafia. Duke Mitchell (the poor man's Dean Martin in Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla) created this legendary mob drama!

EXTRAORDINARY SEAMAN, THE - Notorious (and barely-release) all-star bomb of the 60s, starring David Niven, Faye Dunaway, Alan Alda, and Mickey Rooney.

If the movie you are looking for isn't here, it just might be in a video store or pawn shop in my city!

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