(a.k.a. Ebony, Ivory, and Jade,
American Beauty Hostage,
and She-Devils in Chains)

Director: Cirio H. Santiago                   
Rosanne Katon, Colleen Camp, Sylvia Anderson

There isn't really much to say about Foxforce, except that it's pretty much indistinguishable from other Filipino actioners of the era. In fact, it's pretty much par for director Santiago, who has cranked out a lot of forgettable movies (though I did enjoy his Max Max rip-off Wheels of Fire.) Actually, there is one unforgettable thing associated with the movie, but I'll get to that later.

The movie is also strictly PG, so don't expect a lot of sleaze, which is associated with a fair number of other Filipino movies. Strange, because the set-up of the movie promises that there will be. The USA's women track team travels to Hong Kong for an upcoming athletic competition. Among the team members are Ginger Douglas ("Ivory"), a supermarket heiress, and Pam Rogers ("Ebony"), who meets her old friend Jackie ("Jade") at the airport. The two friends see a mugging at the airport and proceed to kick the tar out of the mugger. A promising beginning, despite the movie from the start having murky photography and wavy sound quality. The latter is really apparent in sequences when there's one native English speaker and a non-native who's dubbed on the screen at the same time - and there are a number of such scenes.

Later at the hotel, "Ivory" and "Ebony" are kidnapped at the hotel, along with "Jade" who steps into to help with the women's karate battles, but to no avail. Another "Ivory" teammate and another "Ebony" teammate are also kidnapped. Since the movie centers around these five women for much of the movie, the movie could be retitled, "2 Ebonys, 2 Ivorys, and a Jade". But at the halfway point, after the kidnapped women have been horrendously bored in unspeakable ways, the movie is now "2 Ebonys and an Ivory". The women break out of their jungle prison and the second half of the movie is focused on their flight back to civilization with their kidnappers in hot pursuit. This half of the movie is somewhat better, having a swifter pace and some better action sequences. But mediocre is not good, and it doesn't save the movie.

As I said earlier, there's not much to say about Foxforce. However, I feel I must talk about the video box. The front of the video (put out by the now defunct Wizard Video) has a copy of the original poster, having the tagline "3 Foxy Mama's (sic) Turned Loose...", which is worth a chuckle. But the real laughs come from the description at the back of the box, which I've copied for your enjoyment:


You're better off dead when they start blasting lead! Ebony, Ivory, and Jade! Killing is their trade! With fist, foot, and blade, they can lick any man ever made! 3 foxy mamas who've got what it takes and know how to use it! 3 masters with a thousand ways to kill! Jump back, Jack, fo' yo' skull is cracked!

Skin of bronze! Muscles of iron! Fists of steel! The ultimate gladiators in the final arena! Angels of vengeance on a massacre marathon!

Lusting bursting babes ripe with the fruits of desire! In slaughter or seduction they score!

FOXFORCE! They turned them loose! Three sisters got soul they can't control! Back to back they face death! When their blood gets hot you're on the spot! Skirting disaster! Flirting with fate! Dancing with death!

FOXFORCE! 3 spittin' kittens on a roaring rampage of revenge! Whipped into a blazing frenzy of violence! A raging ride through hell! From olympic contenders to bloody defenders! From the first burst to the last blast! .38 caliber kittens spitting death as they claw their way to freedom!

Warm hands! Cold triggers! Blazing death! They're women! They're warm! They're wildcats! FOXFORCE! Rapid fire frenzy erupting in a .45 caliber climax! Flashing fists of fury strike like vipers of vengeance! You haven't a prayer when they leap through the air! Ebony, Ivory, and Jade can lick any man ever made!

What you've just read is the best thing about this movie.

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